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She stuffed two and started to pump her fingers inside her making Santana cry out.

Her pussy was getting wetter by the minute as Bianca licked on her clit.

Santana opened her legs wide open as Bianca put on her strap on.

She gulped in fear while thinking of that strap being inside her.

"Listen bitch, I don't like new girls so I'm about to go easy on your ass.

King dropped his pants revealing his large, meaty dick and started to jerk it off to the real life scene.

Santana looked at King with eyes only a prostitute could hold.

"Just because you my bottom bitch doesn't mean you get to talk back to me." King said while holding a grip of her hair. King kept spanking her light skin add until it turned red.

His rough hands started to spank her ass as she cried out in moans. The smacking scared Santana and she wondered how she could take all those hits.

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Her fingers thrusted inside her fast as she started to moan out.